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Spicy Rice

Here’s a version of Mexican rice which uses spices added right into the cooking pot.  Put all ingredients in there, bring to a boil, then simmer on low heat until done.  You can use white or brown rice.  I used brown, because this was the perfect chance to jazz up the brown rice I was trying to sneak into dinner.  My tip for perfectly cooked brown rice is to bring it to a boil, put a lid on it, turn the burner off, and leave the pot on the burner for 45 minutes or longer.  Do not peek and raise the lid.

You could easily add some ground beef, cooked chicken, or black beans to this rice to make a main dish out of it.  It’s super easy!  Enjoy!

Spicy Rice:

1 1/2 C. rice (brown or white)

3 C. broth or water

1 t. salt

1 t. cumin

2 t. chili powder

1 t. dried cilantro (or even better, mix in 1/4 C. fresh after the rice is cooked)


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Pollo Verde

Pollo Verde will now be my meal of choice for my easiest and most delicious dinner.  I even plan to serve it next time we have guests over.  With 2 ingredients, it couldn’t be simpler, but the taste is amazing!

To prepare, place chicken breasts in the crock pot and cover with 1/2 – 1 jar of a gluten-free Salsa Verde.  Cook for 6-8 hours on low.  When chicken is done and tender, take it out, and shred it with a fork.  Then, put the shredded chicken back into the crock pot and mix in with the juices and salsa.

Serve in warmed corn tortillas (heated on a hot skillet until browned) and top with chopped onion, cilantro, avocado, and a squeeze of fresh lime.

That’s it!  My family loves this meal.  It’s healthy, fresh, and reminds me of street tacos from Mexico.  Enjoy!


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