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Your Freezer is Your Friend

DSC_0279This shelf holding frozen meals is one of my best friends.  It makes me happy.  It supports me when I’m down.  And, it comes along beside me when I’m short on time and feeds me dinner.

All I have to do is spend about an hour once a month nurturing this shelf, and it will treat me right several times a week.

Here are my tricks.

When meat goes on sale (I buy mine at Sprouts), I haul it home, trim it up, and put 4 portions worth for our family into freezer bags.  This was the end result from my recent trip.  All this meat will last us a month!  And, all I have to now is take it from the freezer and make a meal!

DSC_0607 I usually put chicken in plain, just sticking the portions into baggies.  For ground beef, I cook some to put into bags for tacos, enchiladas, beef stroganoff, chili, etc..  I also mix a giant bowl with meat, cooked rice, Italian herbs, eggs, salt and pepper, and Worshteshire sauce, which I then shape into a meat loaf and family portions of meatballs.  It is so easy to just pull out meat in the morning and be ready for a speedy dinner prep in the afternoon.  And, it saves so much time to cook all the ground beef at once or trim all the chicken at once instead of doing it each time you need it.

I have 2 shelves in my freezer for meats, one for plain meats that I need to do something with before cooking, and 1 for ready-made dinners (meatballs).

So, I guess I have a 2 best friends helping me out.


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