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DSC_0643Quesadillas made with corn tortillas are a STAPLE food for my kids at lunch.  If they’re feeling ambitious, they will cook them on the stove.  They’re better that way- a little crispier.  Most of the time though, they just fill them up with cheese and pepperoni or  lunch meat and pop them into the microwave for 30 seconds.  They come out soft and tasty that way!

Cheers for a quick lunch idea!  And, three cheers for teaching your kids to make them either way they want to!


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Ode to Rice Cakes

DSC_0493Rice cakes, oh rice cakes

what a wonderful treat.

You’re always there when there is nothing else to eat.

I can find you anywhere and pack you along.

With so many flavors, I can’t go wrong.

Topped with peanut butter and banana or jelly too,

Lunchmeat, cheese, or something new.

A chocolate rice cake with strawberries and cream

makes my stomach so happy and my taste buds beam.

White Cheddar rice cakes with cottage cheese

Give rice cakes a chance

Pretty please?

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