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Gluten-Free Stuffing

My Thanksgiving guests this year said that this gluten-free stuffing was as good as any they’d ever had!  Since I used pre-made stuffing cubes from Whole Foods, it was as easy as any I’d ever made too!  It made me wonder why I only make stuffing during the holidays.

I used this recipe from wholfoodsmarket.com, substituting more celery instead of carrots, and using a full 4 cups of broth to make the stuffing more moist.  I made it the night before, so that the broth would fully soak into the bread, but you can make it right before baking too.  I increased the baking time to about 45 minutes to give the broth time to cook into the bread.  If you cannot get the pre-made cubes, just make a loaf of gluten-free bread, then cube and toast it.   


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Monkey Bread

I tried to make cinnamon rolls, I really did.  I thought I was up for it – all the rolling and spreading and then cutting and baking.  I mixed the dough and let it set to rise.  And I waited and waited.  The dough never moved.  It was dead dough.

But, being gluten-free, it was expensive dough.  And, we don’t waste gluten-free dough around here.  So, I improvised.  I figured if you smothered it with enough butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon, it would taste just the same.

And I was right!  Which means, that from now on, I declare the actual cinnamon roll to be an excessive amount of work on my part.  From now on, we will have Monkey Bread instead, and we’ll all be happy.  The End.

To make Monkey Bread, start with gluten-free dough.  You can make the cinnamon roll dough from this post, or even though I haven’t tried it yet, I think you could also just use a bread dough or even a mix.  That would even increase the beauty of the Lazy Monkey Bread.  Melt some butter in one bowl, and mix some brown sugar and cinnamon in another.  Roll the dough into pieces a little smaller than a golf ball.  Dip each piece into the butter and then into the sugar mixture.  Place into a baking dish, and bake at the temperature suggested for the bread you’re using until they are golden brown and cooked through.  And then, eat some as fast as you can before your family gets to them.  They’ll be gone so fast, you won’t even have time to take a pretty photo of them outside of the pan.

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Gluten-free Dinner Rolls

Before going gluten-free, I had 2 ways to make warm, delicious dinner rolls for a special meal.  One was to go the homemade route, mixing up dough, letting it rise, mixing again and again, until the beauties were ready a few hours later.  The other was to open the freezer door at the grocery store, put the package in my cart, and run home to pop them in the oven and throw away the package so everyone would think I did it by scratch.

These gluten-free rolls are a happy medium between those two.

If you start with a great bread mix, you can mix up the dough as instructed, then put them right in muffin tins to rise.  If you fill the tins up 2/3 full and let them rise to the top (usually 30 minutes), you can put them right into the oven.  Be careful on cooking times; mine just took 12 minutes.  When they come out, you’ll have yummy, hot rolls that are so worth the effort!

My favorite mix to use is Bob’s Red Mill’s “Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix”.  You can find it here.  I’ve also used my favorite bread recipe from Bette Hagman’s book, “The Gluten-free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy”, which gives a browner roll.

As always, make as many as you can with the mix, or even do 2 mixes at once.  You can freeze them and pull out as many as you need.  You can also use them for sandwich rolls, breakfast sandwiches, or mini hamburger buns. I’ve even brought my own to restaurants to eat with my meal.

Don’t be dinner roll deprived any longer!   Enjoy!

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Our Favorite Bread

DSC_0687After eating gluten-free for a while, I began the search for that most elusive of gluten-free foods….. a good “version” of bread.   And I do mean “version”, because I have never heard of anyone that has claimed a gluten-free bread to be “normal”.  There are so many things that can be made just as tasty gluten-free, but bread isn’t one of those things.  And, it really isn’t fair to the gluten-free bread, considering GLUTEN is what makes bread so springy and soft and sandwich worthy.

So, if you are hankering for the bread you had in your former gluten-full life, just let go and say good-bye.  Make your peace with it and move on.

The good news is that you will love your bread so much more than all those gluten eating people.  You won’t take your bread for granted and treat it like nothin’.  You’ll bake your own bread, carefully slice it up, and relish each bite.  And, that sandwich might even bring you to tears, you’ll be so happy about your blessed bread.  Seriously, just one bite of grilled cheese and my day becomes roses.  So, when it comes down to it, I feel sorry for the regular bread people.  They can have their bread AND eat it too, but they just don’t get to appreciate it and love it like we do.  They don’t know what bread love is.  Poor things.

Here are my favorite gluten-free bread options, in order:

1.  Bette Hagman’s New Formula Yeast Bread (recipe found in “The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy”).  This is our favorite for flavor, texture, and cost.  We love this bread!  I make 4 loaves at a time and freeze them, pre-sliced.

2.  The Gluten-Free Pantry’s Favorite Sandwich Bread (good flavor and texture)

3.  Bob’s Red Mill Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix

4.  Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Bread Mix (tastes a little like rye, so my kids won’t eat it, but I love it as toast)

Try these and see which is your favorite.  And let the bread love flow.  It’s the right way to treat bread anyway.



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