2 responses to “Links

  1. Hey lady, it’s Carmen N from from high school Spanish 🙂
    Are you familiar with the Candida diet? It’s more strict than the gluten free. No milks, fruit, cheese or other molds, anything with sugar or yeast, etc. Basically have to cook everything raw like with the gluten free. Anyway, I have Fibromyalgia (linked your page to my blog.) The Candida diet is one form of treatment for Fibro. Is there anyway that you could denote which of your recipes would also qualify for the Candida Diet to make it easier to find when looking through your recipes? Thank you.

    • Hola, Carmen! I’ve heard of the Candida diet, but I’m not familiar w/ it enough to classify my recipes for you like that. Sorry! I hope you find some that work for you though! Best wishes to you!

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