Keep It Simple

I know there are wonderful specialty gluten free mixes and crackers and cookies and frozen treats out there.

I just can’t afford to buy them.

As much as I can, I choose naturally gluten free food to feed my family, and I shop at my regular old grocery store for most items.  There are whole sections of the grocery store that are generally gluten free (dairy, meat, produce, drinks, canned veggies condiments), so I focus on the things that I can eat and not on what I can’t.

I make an occasional trip to Sprouts to supplement my normal grocery store purchases, and I stock up.  I buy nuts and whole grains from the bulk bins which I grind myself to bake flatbread and muffins or just eat plain as side dishes of brown rice or quinoa.  I buy a cake mix and a pancake mix to have on hand in a pinch, and I buy several packages of GF pasta.  That’s it!

I’ve learned that food tastes much better this way too.  The more I focus on simple, unprocessed eating, the better it tastes, the better is it for me, and the better it is on my budget!


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  1. This post is encouraging as I look at how expensive “gluten free” foods are! I was just wondering how we were going to afford this new journey.

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