Whole Grain Flatbread

Finding a gluten-free sandwich bread that tastes great and is affordable has been challenging.  I cannot spend $5 on a tiny loaf that will last my kids and me one or two meals, and most GF breads that do taste good are made from flours that have been stripped of their whole-grain nutrients.

I am so excited to have found our solution.  Whole-grain Gluten Free Flatbread!!!

I make it using soaked whole grains that I buy in bulk and grind up in my high-powered blender.  I add all the other ingredients right to the blender, pour it in a jelly roll pan, and have flatbread in 15 minutes.  All the nutrition is there at minimal cost, and the result is fabulous!  We use this flatbread for sandwiches, toast, and even mini-pizzas.

I bought my Blendtec blender just to make this flatbread, and it has been well worth the investment!  I use it everyday  (434 times in 8 months!) for so many things: flatbread, smoothies, soups, salsa, snow cones, ice cream, frozen margaritas, frappuchinos, salad dressings, and much more!

I’m not sure if a regular blender could handle grinding the grains for the flatbread, so I have to give a plug for the Blendtec.  You might gasp at the initial price, but it has become my favorite kitchen appliance.  If I had to choose only one, this would be it.

And, now…here is the recipe:

4 C. soaked grains (choose from lentils, millet, quinoa, garbanzo beans, almonds, amaranth, or buckwheat) (i use about 1 C lentils: 1 C. millet : 1/2 C. almonds: 1/2 C. garbanzo beans) (quinoa is very nutritious, but has a distinct flavor which my kids will not eat)

(soak the grains overnight at room temperature.  rinse them well.  drain completely.)

(read this article on soaked grains for more info)

2 eggs

1/4 C. oil

1 t. apple cider vinegar

1 t. salt

2 t. guar gun or xanthan gun

1/2 C. warm water

1 T. yeast *

2 T. sugar

Add yeast and sugar to water and let it activate until bubbly.  Put grains, eggs, oil, vinegar, and salt in blender.  Blend until grains are fully ground up.  Add guar gum and water mixture.  Blend until smooth.  Pout into well oiled jelly roll pan.  Bake at 425 for 15 minutes.  Cool and cut into squares.  You can store at room temp or in fridge, and it will last several days.

*I have made this same recipe with no yeast, and it works fine.  Since it doesn’t seem needed, and since I like my flatbread flatter anyway, I now skip the yeast, which make the preparation even quicker.


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9 responses to “Whole Grain Flatbread

  1. Courtney

    Thank you! Can’t wait to try it!

    I don’t have the great blender (yet) but I have a good grinder that will at least get me part of the way.

    Let you know how it goes.

  2. Every time I come to your blog, my mouth starts watering and I want to eat dinner at your table. This sandwich looks yumm-o. That bread….mmmm…

    Remember those Kale chips a few posts back? Well, I’m going to try those next week. Can’t wait!

  3. Erin

    How much flour do you net? I want to try this recipe but don’t want to go through the soaking process first.

    • The soaking process adds a little liquid to the grain, so if you skip this step, you’d have to experiment with adding more liquid too. I’d suggest still using 4 cups of grain and then starting with around 1/4 C. of water in there. That is just a guess though. 🙂

      I might suggest soaking the grains the first time you try this, just so you can see what consistency you’re aiming for. That way you can try to get it close when you make it w/o soaking.

      I have soaked the grains overnight, and then put the extra in the freezer. It worked fine too.

      Let me know how it goes!

  4. Courtney

    Okay, I tried this today, but I’m not sure I did it right. I tried your grain mixture (which is 3 cups prior to soaking). I soaked overnight, drained as best I could (difficult with the tiny millet), even put grains on a cookie sheet in a slow oven to evaporate excess water (not to toast). Ground in my grinder and ended up with about 8 cups of very moist flour. Used 4 cups to make the bread. We don’t do yeast, so I just added the water and 1 T of the sugar. My grinder could not get a really fine grind. It turned out really seed-y and very tasty. Just not sure it is as it should be. Also not sure my kids will eat it with this much texture.

    Can I grind first and then soak? How would I do that? I think in my current situation, grinding first would give me a finer flour, but I don’t know how to do that or what effect it would have on the recipe. Any ideas?

    • I will take pictures next time I make it to try to show you the consistency. You don’t need to dry the grains, and it will never look like “flour”. I add the grains and the eggs first, and when it grinds, it’s more like a paste. Then when you add the other stuff and the water, it’s like a thick batter. My blender grinds it well enough so that it is not “seedy” at all. Go ahead and add the full sugar for taste too, even w/o the yeast.

      I’m not sure about grinding then soaking or how that would affect the outcome. Maybe you could try grinding the grains, then playing with the liquid as you mix?

      Keep trying! 🙂

  5. Anne

    This recipe looks great and I can’t wait to try it!. I have a question though. In the ingredients list you say to use 4 cups of grains/nuts/legumes, but your mixture only totals up to 3 cups. Also, one of my kids has an intolerance to almonds but can handle one brand of walnuts really well. Do you think walnuts would work in this recipe?

    • You can use any grain mixture to total 4 cups. Substituting walnuts would work, or you could just skip the nuts and use the grains. Sorry for my measurement confusion. 🙂

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