Monthly Meal Plan

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My monthly meal plan has been a lifesaver for this busy season of life!!

I chose my 30 easiest, most inexpensive, kid-friendly meals and put them into daily categories.  Saturday night is breakfast night.  Sunday is leftover night.  Monday – chicken, Tuesday – vegetarian, Wednesday – beef, Thursday – pork, Friday – kid food.  Once I have gone through all the meals, I start right back over for the next month.

My kids love knowing what’s for dinner, but not as much as I do!  You will not hear any scrambling from my kitchen at 5:00 any longer.  I also do not need to pull any meal creativity out of my brain.  I still have flexibility to try something new and change up a night, but only if I want to!  And, do you know how much I love that blank space on Sundays, giving me permission to tell my family to be creative on their own?

I have tried many different meal planning strategies.  Right now, this one works beautifully for me.  I hope you find it helpful too!

Most of these meals are already presented on this site.  I will list them and make note of where you can find them or give a few directions when needed.

Monday – Chicken Tettrazini (meal plan 3)

Tuesday – Potato Skins (meal plan 1)

Wednesday – Meatballs (meal plan 1)

Thursday – Pork Tacos (meal plan 1)

Friday – Pizza (my favorite crust is Bob’s Red Mill)

Saturday – Pancakes and Bacon (Pamela’s mix is my favorite)

Monday – Chicken Tacos Verdes (dinners)

Tuesday – Huevos Rancheros (meal plan 3)

Wednesday – Beef Stroganoff (meal plan 4)

Thursday – Sausage Skillet (meal plan 1)

Friday – Chicken Taquitos (in freezer section by DeliMex)

Saturday – French Toast and breakfast links

Monday – King Ranch Chicken (mix 2 C. cooked chicken, a can of Rotel, and a can of Health Valley Cream of Chicken soup.  Layer corn tortillas and chicken mixture.  Top with crushed tortilla chips or Spicy Nacho Doritos and then cheddar cheese.  Bake at 400 for 20-30 minutes until bubbly)

Tuesday – Breakfast Burritos (meal plan 2)

Wednesday – Enchiladas Rojas (Layer corn tortillas, taco meat, pinto beans, and red enchilada sauce.  Top with chopped onions and cheddar cheese.  Bake at 400 for 30 minutes.)

Thursday – Spaghetti (dinners)

Friday – Tuna Casserole (dinners)

Saturday – Waffles and Sausage (use pancake mix above in waffle maker)

Monday –  Chicken Parmesan (meal plan 1)

Tuesday – Frito Salad (summer) (dinners 3) or Taco Soup (winter) (meal plan 3)

Wednesday – Tater Tot Casserole (mix 1 pound cooked ground beef with a can of Health Valley Cream of Mushroom soup, plus salt pepper and garlic powder to taste.  Put in casserole dish.  Press Ore Ida Tater Tots into to entire surface of the top.  Bake according to tater tot directions.)

Thursday – Pesto Pasta (meal plan 3)

Friday – Corn dog Muffins (meal plan 4) or Hot Dogs

Saturday – Breakfast Casserole (breakfasts)

Monday – Broccoli Rice Chicken (dinners)

Tuesday – Mexican Lasagna (same as enchiladas, but omit meat and add corn)

Wednesday – Tuna Casserole (dinners)

Thursday – Pork Chops (meal plan 2)

Friday – Tacos (meal plan 4)

Saturday – Omelets with Ham


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