Gluten-free Dinner Rolls

Before going gluten-free, I had 2 ways to make warm, delicious dinner rolls for a special meal.  One was to go the homemade route, mixing up dough, letting it rise, mixing again and again, until the beauties were ready a few hours later.  The other was to open the freezer door at the grocery store, put the package in my cart, and run home to pop them in the oven and throw away the package so everyone would think I did it by scratch.

These gluten-free rolls are a happy medium between those two.

If you start with a great bread mix, you can mix up the dough as instructed, then put them right in muffin tins to rise.  If you fill the tins up 2/3 full and let them rise to the top (usually 30 minutes), you can put them right into the oven.  Be careful on cooking times; mine just took 12 minutes.  When they come out, you’ll have yummy, hot rolls that are so worth the effort!

My favorite mix to use is Bob’s Red Mill’s “Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix”.  You can find it here.  I’ve also used my favorite bread recipe from Bette Hagman’s book, “The Gluten-free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy”, which gives a browner roll.

As always, make as many as you can with the mix, or even do 2 mixes at once.  You can freeze them and pull out as many as you need.  You can also use them for sandwich rolls, breakfast sandwiches, or mini hamburger buns. I’ve even brought my own to restaurants to eat with my meal.

Don’t be dinner roll deprived any longer!   Enjoy!


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  1. Neighbor

    These look great! Can’t wait to try them!

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