DSC_0621I had my first ever sushi experience for my birthday this year.  I’ve always wanted to try it.  Since going gluten-free, it’s been a little intimidating to me to walk into a sushi bar and ask all the necessary questions to see if it’s safe for me to eat.

Turns out, sushi is very easy to get gluten-free!  The sushi makers were so helpful to tell me GF options, which included almost everything.   You have to stay away from the imitation crab meat if they use that, and you can’t have their soy sauce.  I brought my favorite soy sauce replacement, Bragg, which you can get in most health food sections (La Choy is also gluten-free), and mixed it up with the wasabi paste.  Oh, yum!    I am now trying to figure out what else would be good to dip in the wasabi!

So, the bad news is that now I have frequent cravings for sushi.

But, the good news is …. and if you’re a sushi purist, just stop reading now…

the good news is that our local Kroger has its own sushi bar!  And, while I think that is wrong on so many levels, I couldn’t help myself.  I bought 3 rolls.  And the ingredients were listed right on the cheap plastic carton they came in.  (Again,  sushi in a plastic carton?)

As I’ve learned though, being gluten-free means that I don’t care as much about presentation as I do about those blessed ingredient lists.

Oh, and you might have read a previous post about how I almost got kicked out of Kroger for taking photos.  When that man was storming up to me, all I could think was, “Oh no, please don’t kick me out before I buy this sushi.”  Really, if not for the sushi, who knows what I might have done.  You just might have seen that lovely man’s photo right here on this blog.

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