Boston Market

KEF_BODYBoston Market will feed my kids during October!  And, guess what!?  They have a gluten-free MENU!!!  Check out all the options HERE.  Oh my goodness, this is great news.  We’ll be there this week!  Be sure to thank Boston Market for being so gluten-free friendly!



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4 responses to “Boston Market

  1. Shannon Rosales

    Wow!! This is great! Thanks for such a wonderful blog. I’ll be sure to check back often.

    • easilyglutenfree

      Thanks! I’ll be posting some dairy-free options as well as giving tips on easy changes to make things dairy free. Glad you like it!

  2. Courtney

    A few options is better than none. And free is best of all!

    Just wish we had one near us!

    • easilyglutenfree

      I’ve found that I’m so thankful to be able to eat somewhere that I’m fine with just a few options. Something is better than nothing. 🙂 At least I’m trying to have that be my heart’s attitude. Too bad we don’t live close enough to have lunch together!

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