Bulk Baking

DSC_7891If I’m going to dirty up my mixer and my kitchen, it’s gotta be worth it.  So, when I bake, I jump all the way in and get it over with, so I can just spend time eating and not cleaning.

I never make 1 batch of anything.  If I’m doing bread, I do 4-5 loaves.  I make about 50 muffins at a time, and I usually throw in a batch of brownies or cookies along with it to bake while my bread is rising.  I’ll start with the muffins.  Then, while they’re cooking, I get the bread mixed and rising.  And then, I bake the brownies or cookies while I wait for the bread to be ready to bake.

Many of the ingredients I need for all these things are the same, so it saves time to get them all out just once, mix things up and get things dirty, and then clean it up.

As soon as it’s all cooled, I put it into baggies (slice the bread first), label it, stack it up on a freezer shelf, and celebrate that I now have baked treats to enjoy for a while!  It takes a little chunk of time to have a baking day, but it saves lots of time in the end.  Try it!

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