A Trip to the Grocery Store

I took a field trip to the local grocery store, to show all the choices we have in what we can eat.  Every aisle had something gluten-free on it, even the bread aisle, and sometimes whole sections of the store had foods to choose from.

DSC_0569First stop:  the Deli, where most cheeses and deli meats are OK.


The Bakery.  Hold your breath and walk quickly.  There is nothing for you here.

DSC_0574Fresh Produce!

Take your pick; it’s all gluten free, and it’s all good for you!  Spend lots of time here!

DSC_0587Snacks!  All I can say is God Bless Frito Lay!

Tostitos, Fritos, Plain and Baked potato chips, Cheetos, Plain Ruffles, most Doritos (not nacho cheese) and also many but not all of the flavored chips are gluten-free.

We try not to make chips a staple, but it sure is nice to be able to eat them, especially for things like team snacks, traveling, etc.  They are so easy to find, and they seem so normal!

DSC_0593And now we get to the evil bread aisle.

But wait!  There is a spark of hope.

Grab some corn tortillas and some corn tostadas (crispy flat shells) and run away without looking back!

That bread doesn’t deserve you anyway!

DSC_0596See this lovely Dairy section?

Pick whatever you’d like!

(but check the ingredients first, there may some sneaky gluten in here even though I’ve never seen it)

DSC_0597the Drink aisle….

soft drinks?  Check!

juices?  Yep!

coffee? tea?  It’s all good!

DSC_0586The Grown-up drink Aisle…Have your fill!

DSC_0584But then there’s this.  Sorry, friends, but you must flee from the beer.  There are gluten free beers available, just not here.

DSC_0599Canned Foods:

Be a little careful here.  If it’s just a plain fruit or veggie, you’re OK, but stay away from the seasoned ones.  Most of the canned beans are fine too.  You can even have most canned tuna, chili, or baked beans.  These get a little tricky with reading ingredient labels, so check carefully.

On the right side of this aisle, you could pick up some dried beans, unseasoned rice,  Jello, pudding, marshmallows, applesauce, or raisins.

DSC_0602This is the cereal and breakfast aisle.  Ignore all other cereals, and go straight to the Chex.  The gluten-free varieties are labeled clearly.  You can also use the recipes on the boxes for yummy snacks.

Next, find the Nature Valley “Almond Crunch” bars.  I carry these with me everywhere to have something to eat anytime I’m out and get hungry, which is actually every time I’m out.

DSC_0580And look!  This store even had a “Natural Foods” section where I found GF oatmeal, GF pasta, and even some GF baking mixes!

I didn’t buy any, because they are much cheaper at my local Sprouts or on Amazon, but it’s good to know they carry them in a pinch.

At this point, my happy photographic field trip came to a bitter and immediate end, when I saw a large, angry  fellow marching up the aisle in my direction.  Turns out, Kroger does not smile upon nice customers who just happen to like taking photos of their shopping experience.

And that’s a shame, because now I can’t show you these:

The Meat Department, where you can buy anything that isn’t pre-seasoned or marinated

The Cheese and Lunchmeat section, where almost everything is safe to eat

The Condiment aisle, where peanut butter and jelly, mustard, ketchup, mayo, pickles, and olives can still be your friends

The Frozen section, where you’ll find ice cream and Ore Ida french fries

The Baking aisle, where the chocolate chips and Betty Crocker GF mixes for cakes, cookies, or brownies are calling your name

The Candy aisle, where you can cheer for Snickers, Reeses, Hershey’s bars, 3 Musketeers, Butterfingers, Skittles, Twizzlers, … Most candy is GF.  Just watch out for the obvious cookie ingredient (Twix) and “barley malt”

So, now your cart is full of good things to eat, all from your local store, and my camera’s card reader is full of illegal images from mine.

Happy Shopping!


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